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He then dated Mindy Mc Kay (seriously, of all the last names out there...) from 2010 to 2011.As far as the Internet can tell, his currently single.Almost seven years ago, I got to interview Luke Perry and being in the same room as Dylan Mc Kay was one of the most surreal experiences ever for my inner fourteen-year-old.

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Spelling and Shanian divorced, as did Mc Dermott and his then-wife.

" set that eventually led to her departure from the show to her quickie marriages to even badder boys like Ashley Hamilton and Rick Salomon.

So, I was absolutely intrigued to hear that Shannen was documenting the planning of her wedding to fiance, photographer Kurt Iswarienko on so many misconceptions about her out there."The biggest misconception would be that I only have one side to me.

She's since dated a few dudes but appears to be single at the moment. Priestley didn't follow the path of his co-stars and get married (then divorced) in the '90s.

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Instead, he married makeup artist Naomi Lowde in 2005 and they're still happily hitched. Donna Martin wound up marrying her high school sweetheart on the tube, but things have been very different for Tori Spelling in real life.

Seems to be the biggest one and that, you know, people don't ever consider how old I was when some of the crazier stuff happened, which by today's standards is incredibly tame.