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Some forms of Gender Rarity Value could be considered a sub-trope.

Often involves the Bed Trick, Love Potion or other fantastical means of sex.

The risk of acquiring HIV from a needle stick from an HIV-infected person is estimated as 0.3% (about 1 in 333) per act and the risk following mucous membrane exposure to infected blood as 0.09% (about 1 in 1000) per act.

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Lentiviruses share many morphological and biological characteristics.

Rape is a special kind of evil, beyond kicking the dog or any of the other acts of villainy in media.

But there seems to be one exception: when the victim is a man and the attacker is a woman.

In low-income countries, the risk of female-to-male transmission is estimated as 0.38% per act, and of male-to-female transmission as 0.30% per act; the equivalent estimates for high-income countries are 0.04% per act for female-to-male transmission, and 0.08% per act for male-to-female transmission.

Sexual assault is also believed to carry an increased risk of HIV transmission as condoms are rarely worn, physical trauma to the vagina or rectum is likely, and there may be a greater risk of concurrent sexually transmitted infections.

Men are stereotyped as constantly wanting sex and of being stronger in general than women.