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It also avoided the tragedy of its predecessors, leaning instead toward comedy and whimsy.Even serious topics are tempered with joy: When one character is kicked out of her house because her mother discovers she’s gay, she moves in with her girlfriend, cementing their relationship.Answers begin to flow more quickly: Angela Davis, Mary Lou Retton, Virginia Woolf, Dennis the Menace’s next-door neighbor Margaret, Marilyn Quayle, Olivia Newton John, Peppermint Patty.“Well that’s a really good question,” the professor replies., which cost roughly ,000 to make (adjusted for inflation, that’s about ,000 today).The budgetary increase—as well as the shift from indie production and distribution companies to mainstream ones—represents the shift in Hollywood’s attitude toward lesbian romance movies.Although these movies still contain some hallmarks of homophobia, they collectively represent a shift in the culture: That it was OK to show two women falling in love with each other onscreen, and that people would pay to watch them do it.In the 1990s, most lesbian romance movies fell into one of two categories.

But this opening scene makes a larger point that Max emphasizes by writing in her journal: In the cultural historical record, lesbianism is largely glossed over, and when it does appear, as in the case of Sappho or Hannah Höch, it’s shadowy and undefined.“Throughout lesbian history, there has been a serious lack of evidence to tell us what these women’s lives were truly about.